Saturday, February 27, 2016

Where are you operating from?

Immediately you makeup your mind to be faithful to your wife, just then, you will meet an enemy, someone arranged from the pit of hell - someone that has vowed to take you away from your family to be her own toy.
Then You'll start saying, "oh the things i dont want to do, I do, but the things i want to do, i dont do."

You can never be faithful in the arm of the flesh.
Carnal ppl dont understnd this, so they fight eachother, blame eachother.
No matter how big you look physically, a small girl can control you in the realm of the spirit.
Your physical muscle, height & inteligence does not count when it comes to spiritual things.
You will fall helplessly. Flesh and blood can not prevail against satanic powers, and these wicked powers are out to destroy you.
It takes one who is truly born again to resist temptation.
Carnal ppl (husband & wife ) blame eachother, but a spiritual person attack the devil. Your husband can not be faithful even if he wishes to be faithful because there are satanic ppl everywhere, it takes someone who is filled with the holyspirit to overcome satanic manipulations.
Its your responsibility to pray and fast for whatever you believe in - your marriage, destiny, home, etc
Invite God in everything. Only the power of God can subdue satan.


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