Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Unleash Your Inner Beast

The bell rings.
It's another day, another story which weighs it down. The doubts which inevitably appear. I wake up in the morning, and I have mornings where my head is swimming with everything that I have to do and the 'what ifs'.
We all do. It's not just sunshine and rainbows and momentum all day everyday. Yet we pretend everything is OK and assume everyone else has it better than us and our problems are the ones which matter the most.
We spend money and time and effort to just put on an act for the world. We spend trillions on advertising, marketing and silver bells.
But the single biggest thing people connect with - Vulnerability.
What if we were REAL. What if every single day we were vulnerable, we were who we were, so we could connect with others, we could share our experiences, we could learn and grow and be enriched so instead of going through the same emotional rollercoaster everybody goes through whilst pretending that they're fine when really, all they need is someone who understands, someone who just GETS IT.
Well - people do. But they don't know it yet. Because we haven't nurtured being REAL. We haven't allowed it to be part of our existence.
We've been taught to not be who we are, to not rock the boat of society. To not stand out and to not have ideas which challenge what we've been taught to believe anything that isn't 'proven'. On the contrary, we're taught to ridicule and judge and shun new ideas and concepts unless someone can prove otherwise.
Yet, we want to be unique. Without being our true selves.
So what do we do instead?
We put on the show. We put it on every single day, striving for the next shiny object, saving for that next thing which will give you a moment of instant gratification until the need for something external to fill that hollow space that we've created.
**Think about it - You're not afraid of taking up more responsibility - You're afraid of failing and experiencing pain.
**You're not afraid of speaking out loud for what you believe in - You're afraid of being judged.
It's not the action that scares us, it's the perceived pain from external circumstances which stops us from our own growth. Still not convinced? Well let me ask you - what if success was guaranteed and no matter you did, everybody said to you 'Well done for trying!', how different would life be in the choices we make to do things which really call to us?
--- Well, it starts here.
With every single person. Because you are, right now, in the moment, the BEST of nature and evolution.
You are the result of EVOLUTION itself at its prime.
Through the ages we have evolved and grown, and it's because of every single person who believed they could.
Because what's now possible was once a dream.
Because the man of tomorrow must do what the man of today deems impossible.
Because every SINGLE thing which exists on this planet was once a thought in someone's head and that person MADE it into reality.
Because for EVERY single person that EVER said it couldn't be done - Someone else stood up and said I'M GOING TO MAKE IT HAPPEN BECAUSE IMPOSSIBLE IS AN EXCUSE. It's a STORY.
It starts with every single one of us. Not the elite, or the 1% of the world that wants to keep the 99% in the dark.
It starts from the bottom up.
It starts with every single person making a decision to be less of who we believe we are and to be more of who we were all along.
Own it.

Devesh Kumar


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