Monday, June 10, 2013


I trust that you are already putting your faith to work. As you do so, the wisdom that you need to get to the peak will be made available to you.
As you start turning your dreams into reality by putting what you have to use, you must learn to be patient, you must learn to be persistent.
Be prepared for criticism but do not be discouraged by them. As you persist at what you are good at, you will eventually breakthrough.

You must make up your mind to work hard. Whatever your hands find to do, do it with all diligence. A diligent person will not stand before ordinary men but before kings.
Success does not happen by chance, it does not come by praying and fasting alone. There is a prize to pay. It is hard work.
Successful people are those who failed at one point in time but refused to give up. Those who are not, are people who had the potential for success but gave up soon after they failed.
Doing no work is the hardest kind of work, but unfortunately it yields no return. Through hard work, you develop your skills and cultivate the habit of excellence.
Start small and work hard at it. Start with what you have and apply the right principles. Be persistent and dream big.


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