Tuesday, February 9, 2016

What becomes of man?, will your life ever remain the same?

If you remove Sin from this world; most rich Men in the world today would become very poor, because they make money through corruption.
If you remove sin from this world; Most ladies who are rated as "most beautiful" today would be ignored, neglected and unnoticed. Yes! All those men come to you Not because of anything Special
but because of Premarital sex they hope to get from you. So, If you remove Sexual immorality from this world, everyone will just mind his own business. Dress half naked or naked, but nobody will say Hello to you. Lools! But now you feel special abi? Filled with pride and ego, unfortunately you don't know that it is sin that draw all these people to you. If they want to go to heaven, they know where to go to, but If they want to sin, they come to you. Sin has deceived you.
Most people reign in this world because of Sin.. Yes Sin has promoted them, and cause them to rule; its a sinful world.
The Jesus says, so the Last shall be first, and the first last . . ." ( Mathew 20:16 )
If you remove sin from the world now, those who are First now will become last, those who are great now will become little, those who are somebody now will become nobody, and those who are neglected now will begin to reign!!
Thats exactly what will happen when the Lord judge the whole world.
God would Judge the world to remove sin.
After that, Sin and everyone related to sin will fall flat!
Sin has deceived Many! But Righteousness must prevail. There is God, and He is Righteous


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