Tuesday, February 9, 2016

God isn't a magician, but He is able.

GOD isnt a magician, He doesnt perform magic, He operates by faith.
for instance; God will not manufacture Money for you, Money will not fall from Heaven, but He will
reveal secrets to you on how to make money.
God doesnt perform Magic, He has a pattern for everything, there is a pattern to your prosperity, sound health, protection and success. He doesnt operate outside His pattern, He is the same way yestaday, today and forever.
In the natural, there is what to do to become a medical doctor, there is a pattern - you must go to school. you can't just wake up one day and become a medical doctor, you must follow the pattern.
God has a pattern too!
now If you don't know His pattern and you want God to prosper you, that means You expect God to perform magic, but He isnt a magician.
God operates by Faith and by faith means to hold unto the pattern that God showed you until you see result.
God's pattern is revealed through His word via revelation.
you can pray for a car, house, job, etc
you can also claim every prophetic blessing, but you can only receive what God has revealed to you. without Revelation, there is no manifestation.

If you don't know God's pattern as regard prosperity, you can claim every prophetic blessing on prosperity but you will not see prosperity.
God isnt a magician, He operates by a pattern, there is a pattern to everything.
if you're ignorant of God's pattern, you'll follow God blindly and see little or no result.
you can only access what is revealed to you, because whatever is revealed to you has been given to you.
if God didnt reveal something to you, that means heaven has not approved it, so You can not receive it.
it's all about the Bible! give it the rightful position in your heart and mind, then through the help of God's spirit, you'll begin to access revelation and divine secrets.
God isnt a magician, there is a pattern to your protection, prosperity, sound health and success.
God is a covenant keeping GOD, dont follow God blindly but by His word.


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