Wednesday, December 18, 2013


Many years back, two brothers who were always dismissed and mocked by their mates and teachers as dunce and mishap, dreamt of one day that they will fly in the wind without falling. Clinging to this dream, they went to work, ignoring all criticisms and consequences. Few years later, history was made, the first Airplane flew in the wind without falling, and today the world is far more better and the problem of
traveling has been solved forever, Thanks to the Wright Brothers. A tiny dream, by tiny two young boys, changed the world for best.

Have you ever dreamed of something?, or planned on achieving a great success in life?. Go to work, ignore all criticisms, damn all consequences and cling unto that dream. The world is waiting to be better courtesy of you. Would you like to be held responsible for denying our generation and the subsequent generations to come that gift of your wrapped as a dream?. I guess No. So what are you waiting for?. Make your dream a reality. Today, know it from me that you can achieve anything only if you are willing....
Now that you know????....


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